1-7-18 • Recovering and Grateful

Still schlepping around in sweats and an old sweater coughing and downing hot water with lemon until I think I could float. Not much going on in the studio right now. V frustrating. I know from long experience (though I never seem to accept it as truth) that these periods of enforced idleness are not as empty and unproductive as they feel.

It seems that most “visual creatives” are wired to process visual information every moment of every day. While our days are composed of the same visual stimuli as most people’s (unless we’re climbing Kilimanjaro, hiking in the Rockies or something similarly spectacular) there’s a type of visual editing going on. The mundane and less interesting is viewed and discarded, while the more interesting can stop us in our tracks. It’s easy now to whip out your iPhone and record what attracts your attention for later, but if you did that every time you saw something interesting you might never get anywhere. More later.