Works on Paper

Pen & Ink,  Pen & Ink with encaustic, Solarplate etchings, Encaustic Prints

Though the bulk of my work at the moment is on birch panels, I will use any excuse to work on paper.  I commonly use a 75% cotton rag German etching paper, which has a marvelous "tooth," allowing for fine detail and subtle effects when interacting with calligraphic inks, printing inks, encaustic paint, even oil sticks.  I  also use certain Japanese papers. This grouping of works on paper includes a series of solarplate etchings made on a printing press. To my photographs of the Southwest I added images of ancient petroglyphs, creating a hybrid image for the printing plate. Aside from the etchings, many of the works contain one or more materials to achieve a certain effect. If you have any questions about these pieces and how they were made, shoot me an email through the contact page.